Thursday, January 7, 2010

it's not my time

30 facts about me randomly,

- I'm a chocolate lover
- I love to drive.
- I don't really eat cakes.
- I love my blog.
- I love sports
- I love complex things.
- I love to observe things around me.
- I love Mathematics.
- I love to do assignments.
- I love to eat.
- I'm not good at making desicions on my own.
- I hate Science.
- I love music.
- I hate cigarettes.
- I hate smokers.
- I love Twilight
- I can't be separated with my family.
- I have a twin mother
- I'm in a goodmood everyday.
- I laugh and cry easily.
- I don't fake my smiles.
- I love my family
- I hardly gain weight.
- I don't accept my bestboyfriends as a lover.
- I'm a choosy girl.
- I'm a talkative person.
- I love green.
- I love my friends very much.
- I do slow talk with enemies.
- I will never easily give myself to anybody or even my friend ;D


syen said...

wow.. banyak gak pasal diri tu..

f.A.r.A.h said...

bukan malas.
nothing to syer,hee

2bru ckit.
byk lagi oh. ;))

rnimx_blubewwy said...

i love anem n anes xde kew??

f.A.r.A.h said...

hha,asyik2 nak syg anem n anes jew.
pnt ah,hhe ;p

rnimx_blubewwy said...

wuh smpai hati ckp cmtoe eyh....terasanye....sakit hatinye....emm...xpe la nak jadi sapik gk kot...xmau kwan aku dah.....halal utang minum makan aku yew cik fara....(merajuk nie)hhu

f.A.r.A.h said...

tembak anem kang,hhe